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Zoning Hearing Board
11/20/2017 7:30 PM


Zoning Hearing Board


November 20, 2017


Revised Agenda

Meeting will be held in the Buckingham Room, Township Building



7:30 pm PH 17-021  Application by Bucks County Biotechnology Center, Inc.   

                                    RE: 3805 Old Easton Road  

                                    TMP #6-4-10-2


Relief Requested:      Section 405.G1 and 405.G2 to permit reduced parking

                                    Requirements for both the G-1 Manufacturing and

                                    G2-Research Uses.

                                    Section 3011.E to permit a total of 309 parking spaces

                                    To be constructed to service applicant’s expanded operation

                                    In lieu of the 373 parking spaces otherwise required.

                                    Section 2902.A.1 to permit a combined site-wide impervious

                                    Surface ratio otherwise allowed.  Note that the prior December

                                    20, 2016 Zoning Hearing Board Decision permitted an

                                    Expansion of the Bio Tech Property’s allowable building

                                    Coverage to 28.2%.

                                    Section 2902.A.1 to permit a minimum lot width at the front

                                    Yard setback line to be 66 feet in lieu of the 250 foot minimum

                                    Otherwise required.

                                    Section 3104.A to permit proposed parking and circulation

                                    Improvements to encroach within the 50 foot buffer yard.

                                    Section 3100.B.3 to again permit the disturbance of all

                                    Manmade slopes on both the Bio Tech Property as well as the

                                    Adjacent property.



8:30 pm PH17-022     Application by Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless

                                    PHI Snake Hill

                                    4597 Sands Way

                                    TMP: 6-12-81-1


Relief Requested:      Section 405(H11)1901 and 4001 to use property owned by

                                    Buckingham Township located at 4597 Sands Way,

                                    Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania, being Bucks County

                                    Tax Map Parcel #6-12-81-1 for development of a Use H11

                                    Personal Wireless Facility, on a existing water tank on the

                                    Premises.  Proposing the addition of 12 panel style antennas

                                    (4 per sector) to the existing 90’ high water tank.  The top

                                    Of the proposed antennas will be 94’ (4’ above the top of the

                                    Existing water tank). Equipment, including a generator,

                                    Will be located at the base of the water tank on an 11’-5” x 22’

                                    Equipment platform covered by a canopy.


                                                           Rescheduled for January 22, 2018



Township History

Bucks County is one of the three "Founder's Counties" defined and named by William Penn in 1682. Land claimants soon filled the townships in the southernmost part of the county, and in or about 1700, Buckingham Township was opened to settlement.

Physically, Buckingham is the biggest township in the county, covering 33 square miles. Its geography is dominated by Buckingham Mountain which rises to a height of 520 feet, but its landscape is characterized by gently rolling countryside. Blessed by many streams and rich soil, it has yielded bountiful harvests for 300 years.

Prior to European settlement, this area was the home of the Lenni Lenape Indians, and many of our place names - Lahaska, Holicong and Neshaminy, for example - reflect the cadence of their language. Coming at Penn's invitation, English and Welsh Quakers were the principal pioneers in the Township. However, many German-speaking dissenters from high church orthodoxy were also early settlers in the county. As a consequence, the wonderful old stone houses and barns so typical of Bucks County reflect both English and German architectural traditions.

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For three hundred years, residents of Buckingham Township have prided themselves on the beauty of its landscape. Its boundaries encompass the wooded slopes of Buckingham Mountain; the headwaters of several important streams; crossroads villages; and farms of such fertility that Buckingham was called the "Empire Township". More


A resolution (Resolution 2067) of the Board of Supervisors Buckingham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania appointing an open Records officer and adopting revised written policies and regulations under the right-to-know law. More


When it rains or snows, the water soaks into the ground, evaporates back into the atmosphere or runs off. This runoff, also known as storm water, has some obvious impacts such as flooding and erosion. Some less obvious, but equally important, impacts of stormwater runoff include increased pollution, reduced ground water supplies, and lower stream flows during dry spells. More