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Board of Supervisors
10/25/2017 7:30 PM

Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors was held October 25, 2017 in the Township Bulding, 4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania.


Present:         Maggie Rash                           Chairman

                        Paul Calderaio                         Vice-Chairman

                         Jon Forest                                Member

                        Dana S. Cozza                          Township Manager

                        Daniel Gray                              Township Engineer

                        Craig A. Smith, Esquire          Township Solicitor


Not Present:    Tom Kelso                              Township Water/Wastewater Consultant



Mrs. Rash called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.




Ms. Karen Vecchione, West Brandon Way, commented that for many years cars have been speeding through her development (Hearthstone), and each time she has called the police, she has been told they do not have enough cops to patrol the street. Ms. Vecchione asked if the police force would be increased, due to the new Toll Brothers development under construction, and the development of Holicong Park.


Mrs. Cozza responded that a few years ago the residents expressed the same concern of speeding on West Brandon Way, and were provided information on the procedure to request speed tables, which included getting 75% of the residents on the street to sign a petition. Mrs. Cozza said the township never heard back from them.


Ms. Vecchione said they just want the neighborhood policed more, not speed tables as getting 75% of the residents to sign the petition is a big undertaking. Mr. Forest noted the new police chief is installing vascar lines as a traffic calming device, along with posting portable speed signs and speed limit trailers in various locations. Ms. Vecchione said she has seen these, but they make no difference. Mr. Calderaio suggested a police vehicle could come occasionally, and if people knew an officer might be there, they may slow down. Mrs. Cozza said she would speak with Chief Gallagher about the matter.


Mr. Frank Dolski, East Brandon Way, said he is the Homeowners Association president, and agrees with Mr. Calderaio regarding posting a police car in the neighborhood occasionally to discourage speeding. Mr. Forest said they would speak with Chief Gallagher, but also noted that often when a police speed check is implemented at the request of a community, the folks that get tickets are the community residents. Mr. Forest recommended at the next Homeowners Association meeting, they could discuss the possibility of speed tables, and the process of getting signatures from at least 75% of homeowners on the street.


Ms. Gail Caputo, Burnt House Hill Road, stated the road is a thoroughfare now that it’s been paved. Mrs. Cozza said unfortunately, that is a state-owned road. Mr. Gray said PennDOT does not install speed bumps or traffic calming, as their goal is to facilitate traffic, not slow it down. Mr. Smith advised if a speed test was to be conducted, and found everyone was speeding, PennDOT’s solution would be to raise the speed limit. Mrs. Cozza said she would mention this road to Chief Gallagher, as well.


Mr. Stan Yavoroski, Swamp Road, stated he has expertise in radar systems, and said civilians can purchase units to track speeding cars and take pictures of the front and back of the automobile for proof. He said they are designed to be hung 25-30 feet in the air, but may be subject to vandalism.


Mr. Josef Ridgway, Red Gate Drive, asked if the Holicong Park expansion could include paths with exercise stations, and sports for the older generation such as pickle ball and bocce.  Mr. Gray said he would discuss the ideas with the Park and Recreation Commission at their next meeting.


Mr. Gombosi, Mechanicsville Road, said he recently attended Midway Fire Company’s open house and really enjoyed it. Mrs. Rash agreed that our volunteer fire companies are township treasures. Mrs. Rash also noted the volunteer fire companies are always looking for volunteers.




Mrs. Rash made the following announcements:

-  Got Drugs? Turn in your unused, unneeded or expired medications for safe disposal Saturday,

    October 28, 2017, 10am-2pm, Buckingham Township building.

- Election Day:November 7, 2017 - VOTE!

-  The Buckingham Township Administrative Offices will be closed November 10, 2017 in  

   observance of Veterans Day.

-  Board of Supervisors Work Sessions and Regular Business Meetings will be held on:

   November 15 and December 20. All other meeting dates have been cancelled.




Consideration of approving Payroll for the weeks ending October 1, 2017 and October 15, 2017, and the Bill List for the meeting of October 25, 2017.


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forest to approve Payroll for the weeks ending October 1, 2017 and October 15, 2017, and the Bill List for the meeting of October 25, 2017,in the total amount of $1,044,700.54.


The motion carried unanimously.




Consideration of approving draft Supervisors’ Minutes of the September 20, 2017 Work Session, September 20, 2017 Regular Business Meeting, and the October 11, 2017 Work Session.


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forestto approve, as most recently presented, the draft Supervisors’ Minutes of the September 20, 2017 Work Session, September 20, 2017 Regular Business Meeting, and the October 11, 2017 Work Session.


The motion carried unanimously.


Consideration of accepting various Departmental Minutes and Advisory Body Minutes.


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forestto accept the following Departmental Minutes and Advisory Body Minutes:


- Code Enforcement Monthly Statistical Report – September 2017

- Environmental Advisory Commission – July 2017


The motion carried unanimously.



Consideration of the Amendment proposed by Earl Cubbage (the current owner) to the May 2, 1999 Agricultural Land Preservation Grant of Easement by William J. Warren and Donna L. Warren to Buckingham Township repositioning the approved curtilage area of TMP 6-22-17-1.


Mr. Smith explained the tract at issue was the smaller piece allowed to be subdivided as part of a 1999 Conservation Easement on the Warren Angus tract. In December 2008 Dr. Cubbage appeared before the Buckingham Supervisors with a proposal to amend the Conservation Easement to move the approved building envelope. The Board was supportive of his proposal to amend the Conservation Easement. Dr. Cubbage was to post an escrow and once posted, Mr. Smith was to draft an amendment to the easement for signature. Dr. Cubbage, however, never posted the escrow and the easement was never amended. Dr. Cubbage now wants to amend the conservation easement and was advised he should reappear before this Board of Supervisors and seek their assent.

Mr. Smith noted Mr. Yavoroski was in the audience, and as he has an interest in this easement agreement as the property owner of the Warren Farm, he may have a comment.


Mr. Yavoroski explained he has concerns with the proposed revision due to the placement of the proposed septic system in the downhill corner of the property, which drains onto his crops. He also was opposed to the agricultural area being used for any structures, such as a septic system, per the original easement agreement.


Dr. Cubbage said he has a permit issued by the Bucks County Department of Health to install an above ground system in the back corner of the property, adding the septic was approved in this particular area when Dr. Warren subdivided the lot in 1999. He said he has not changed the septic location, and is asking only to move the curtilage.


Dr. Cubbage said when he purchased the lot, the curtilage area was located along Smith Road, and he proposed to move it to the Swamp Road area with a driveway from Swamp Road. Mrs. Rash recalled it was proposed to be moved to a wooded area that could not be farmed, and would not disturb the agricultural portion of the lot. Mr. Smith agreed this was proposed and discussed, but was never finalized due to the escrow never being posted by Dr. Cubbage.


Mr. Yavoroski stated the easement should not be changed until the drainage area and stormwater management plan have been studied and shown not to affect his property. Mr. Gray said there would not be a stormwater management plan until a construction plan was submitted to the township.


Mr. Smith advised that without Mr. Yavoroski and Dr. Cubbage coming to an agreement, there was nothing for the Board to decide upon. Mr. Smith suggested Mr. Yavoroski and Dr. Cubbage  go have a cup of coffee together and see if they could come to an agreement. Dr. Cubbage  responded he could not have a conversation with Mr. Yavoroski.


There not being an agreement between the two landowners subject to the easement, there was no action that could be taken on this item.


Consideration of awarding the 2017-2020 Snow Plowing Bid to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. of Perkasie, PA.


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forestto award the 2017-2020 Snow Plowing Bid to Blooming Glen Contractors, Inc. of Perkasie, PA.


The motion carried unanimously.





Consideration of authorizing Township Manager to purchase a GMC Sierra 3500 HD 4-wheel drive truck in the amount of $47,436.00 for use by the Wastewater Department.      


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forestto authorize the Township Manager to purchase a GMC Sierra 3500 HD 4-wheel drive truck in the amount of $47,436.00 for use by the Wastewater Department.


The motion carried unanimously.


Mrs. Rash made a motion, seconded by Mr. Forest to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 p.m.  The motion carried unanimously.


Approved by the Board of Supervisors on the 15th day of November, 2017.

                                                                                                            Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors



                                                                                                            Maggie Rash, Chairman



                                                                                                           Paul Calderaio, Vice-Chairman



                                                                                                          Jon Forest, Member





Dana S. Cozza, Secretary


Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Wicen. 

Township History

Bucks County is one of the three "Founder's Counties" defined and named by William Penn in 1682. Land claimants soon filled the townships in the southernmost part of the county, and in or about 1700, Buckingham Township was opened to settlement.

Physically, Buckingham is the biggest township in the county, covering 33 square miles. Its geography is dominated by Buckingham Mountain which rises to a height of 520 feet, but its landscape is characterized by gently rolling countryside. Blessed by many streams and rich soil, it has yielded bountiful harvests for 300 years.

Prior to European settlement, this area was the home of the Lenni Lenape Indians, and many of our place names - Lahaska, Holicong and Neshaminy, for example - reflect the cadence of their language. Coming at Penn's invitation, English and Welsh Quakers were the principal pioneers in the Township. However, many German-speaking dissenters from high church orthodoxy were also early settlers in the county. As a consequence, the wonderful old stone houses and barns so typical of Bucks County reflect both English and German architectural traditions.

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