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Board of Supervisors Work Session
2/26/2020 6:00 PM

The work session of the Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors was held February 26, 2020 in the Township Building, 4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania.          



Jon Forest                               Chairman

Maggie Rash                           Vice-Chairman

Paul Calderaio                        Member

Dana S. Cozza                        Township Manager

Daniel Gray                            Township Engineer


Not Present:   

Tom Kelso                              Township Water/Wastewater Consultant

Luke Rosanova                       Bucks County Planning Commission

Craig A. Smith, Esquire         Township Solicitor


The work session commenced at 6:00 p.m. with Executive Session to discuss a police personnel matter.


Driveway Discussion – Anderson Road, TMP 06-010-112 and 06-010-294


John Hartzell, Esquire, was present along with Ms. Lexie Logan of 5008 Anderson Road, to discuss a driveway situation created by a previously recorded plan and later as an agreement which was approved by the Board of Supervisors in 2006.


Mr. Hartzell explained that when the original property owners, the Stover’s, subdivided their property in 1995 to carve out lot 2, the plan was approved with a condition that the original driveway that crossed over the property up front (TMP 06-010-294) must be terminated and a new separate driveway shall be constructed from Lot 1 to Anderson Road.


The driveway was never moved, and because the lot was not sold out of the Stover family, it was not an issue. Mr. Hartzell said in 2005 the requirement was amended by a recorded agreement, saying the driveway did not have to be moved until the lot was sold to someone outside of the Stover family. Mr. Hartzell explained that Mrs. Stover passed away in December, and the estate would like to sell the parcel to a friend of the Logan’s, but would prefer not to move the driveway.


Mr. Hartzell said if the driveway were to be moved to the area of lot 1, it would require crossing through wetlands and a steep slope. He requested that rather than move the driveway, he would prepare a permanent easement on the driveway so it may continue to be shared by lot 1 and the parcel fronting Anderson Road, as it has for many years. Mr. Hartzell said all parties involved are agreeable to the easement.


Mr. Gray suggested that maintenance of the shared driveway be included in the agreement, to which Mr. Hartzell agreed. Mr. Gray clarified it should be an easement agreement between the two parties, to amend the plan requirement of 1995 and to dissolve the 2006 Agreement.


Mr. Hartzell said he would draw up an easement agreement, submit it to the township for review and consideration of approval by the Board of Supervisor’s during a future meeting. The Board was agreeable to the proposal.


Water and Wastewater Operations Center Update, TMP 06-010-224


Mrs. Cozza updated the Board on the progress at the Water and Wastewater Operations Center, saying she has met with the architect several times and are working on the plans. She said they worked out the purpose of each room, whether plastering or painting, and figured out the placement of networks and necessary electrical outlets.


Spotted Lantern Fly – Spring Mailer


Mrs. Cozza said the Environmental Advisory Committee drafted a spring mailer regarding the spotted lantern fly for the Board to review and comment on. Mrs. Rash thought it was very good information. Mr. Calderaio suggested the font be larger, and offered to share some pictures he has on the subject. He also suggested adding “Spring 2020” so that residents notice it is different than the previous mailer sent out last fall.


Peddler’s Village Proposed Ferris Wheel


Mrs. Cozza said that Peddler’s Village is looking into installing an old-fashioned Ferris wheel near Giggleberry Fair, and wanted to give the township a “heads up”. She said they proposed offering Ferris wheel rides from the end of April through-out the summer, and perhaps on weekends only. She said that our building department discussed the concept, and had no concerns, adding that the township would certainly review it for safety, lighting and such.


7:10 p.m. The Work Session adjourned.


8:10 p.m. The Work Session continued.


Police Retirees


Mrs. Cozza let the Board know that April 2nd is Officer Dean Johnson’s last day, with a retirement party scheduled in June. She also reminded the Board that Lt. Landis’s final day is Friday, with a luncheon at 12:30pm and 2:00pm sign off in front of the administration building.


Newspaper Subscription


Mrs. Cozza asked the Board if they wanted the township to continue subscribing to the electronic version of The Philadelphia Inquirer as there are less and less articles regarding Buckingham Township concerns. She said the subscription is $155 per year. The Board requested the subscription be maintained.


Fire Company Annual Stipend


Mrs. Cozza let the Board know the 2019 Annual Stipend checks for the volunteer Fire Companies was included in tonight’s bill list.


PECO Project


Mrs. Cozza said PECO has mailed a letter to homeowners informing them there will be major tree trimming, pole replacements, and stronger, higher wires to carry more voltage. She said the project goes through Buckingham, Plumstead and New Britain Townships, and is necessary for reliable service. Mrs. Cozza said she spoke with the townships’ representative at PECO, and they were not interested in working with our Landscape Review Consultant as this is work that needs to be done. Mr. Forest said the new wires are stronger and in fact, PECO is regulated by the PUC and the township has no power over it.


8:25 p.m. The Work Session adjourned.



Approved by the Board of Supervisors on the 25th day of March, 2020.

Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors

 Jon Forest, Chairman     

Maggie Rash, Vice-Chairman    

Paul Calderaio, Member



Dana S. Cozza, Secretary


Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Wicen.

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