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Meeting Minutes And Agendas

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Board of Supervisors
5/27/2020 7:30 PM

Agenda updated 5/27/2020; 9:47 a.m.                       

1. Public Comment (Maximum 30 minutes)


2.            Board's Announcements:

- General Primary Election, June 2, 2020 – VOTE!   


3.         a.  Consideration of approving Payment Request No. 4, to JEV Construction, LLC, for work completed on theCold Spring Well No. 4 Arsenic Removal Project – General Contract BT-19-01R,in the amount of $380,409.60.          


             b.  Consideration of approving Payment Request No. 3, to GS Developers, for work  completed on theCold Spring Well No. 4 Arsenic Removal Project – Electrical Contract BT-19-02R,in the amount of $24,300.00.  


            c.  Consideration of approving Payment Request No. 4, to A.H. Cornell & Sons Inc., for work completed on theHolicong Park Expansion, Phase 2, Contract 2019-01,in the amount of $36,239.67.  

            d.  Consideration of approving Payroll for the weeks ending April 26, 2020, May 10, 2020 and May 24, 2020, and the Bill List for the meeting of May 27, 2020.            


4.         Consideration of approving draft Supervisor's Minutes of the April 22, 2020 Regular Business Meeting.


5.         Consideration of accepting various Departmental Minutes and Advisory Body Minutes.


6.         Consideration of accepting the offer ofvAgreement to Extendthe Land Development Contract to June 11, 2021 for the“Bucks County Airport Authority, Doylestown, Airport – Phase II”vLand Development, Township File LD 2003-02.


7.         Consideration of awarding the Road Improvement Project Bid for 2020 to Blooming Glen Contractors of Perkasie, PA in the total bid amount of $369,925.00.


8.         Consideration of approvingResolution 2420,A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors, Buckingham Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Reauthorizing the Acquisition of a Conservation Easement Covering the Property Owned by the Darwin Overholt Inter Vivos Trust and the Jean M. Overholt Inter Vivos Trust, Being Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Tax Parcel Number  06-004-035.    



Mill Creek Ridge (Smith-Pfeiffer), Site, Township File SA 2001-05C

Release #5, Water and Sewer

$19,125.00 recommended for release


10. Additional Business / Manager’s Items:

      - Consideration of approving an Emergency Connection to the Buckingham Village Water System for 2538 Church Lane, TMP 06-013-026.




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