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Board of Supervisors Work Session
10/11/2017 6:00 PM

Work Session



The work session of the Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors was held October 11, 2017 in the Township Building, 4613 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania.


Present:        Maggie Rash                           Chairman

                        Paul Calderaio                        Vice-Chairman

                        Jon Forest                                Member

                        Dana Cozza                              Township Manager


Not Present:    Dan Gray                                Township Engineer

                           Tom Kelso                              Township Water/Wastewater Consultant

                           Craig A. Smith, Esquire       Township Solicitor


The work session commenced at 6:00 p.m.


Budget – Roads and Parks


Mr. Nick DeMeno, Roadmaster, and Mrs. Pistory, Director of Finance Department, were present. Mrs. Pistory distributed Roads and Parks fund budget spreadsheets.


Roads – Paving


Mr. DeMeno presented a list of roads scheduled for paving in 2018. Mr. Calderaio noted Old Easton Road may undergo some changes during the year, and requested it be placed near the end of the schedule for paving.




Mrs. Pistory explained there are very few changes to the Maintenance budget. Mrs. Cozza noted repairs to the Hughes House in the amount of $10,000 is budgeted to repair some stucco.


Mrs. Rash noted Heating Oil for the Maintenance Building was reduced 20%; Mr. DeMeno explained that was due to a warmer season last year, and also, they sealed the doors on the building so are expecting to use less oil for heat this year. 


Highway Department


Mrs. Rash commented on the $9,750 Recycling line item, saying it is an excellent community service. Mrs. Cozza explained $2,750 of that total goes to the County towards their Household Hazardous Waste collection.


Mrs. Rash asked about $40,000 overtime for the highway crew; Mrs. Pistory explained that was budgeted for snow removal services, adding it’s always an estimate, and it also depends on what time the snow event occurs, if it’s during their shift or afterhours.

Park and Recreation


Mrs. Cozza said in looking at the Park and Recreation budget detail, Contracted Services:

  • Recreation was increased from $11,300 to $14,900 to adjust for price increases, and to add a concert at The Village at Buckingham Springs to thank them for use of their facility as needed for indoor concerts. She said there also may be only one movie shown instead of three due to poor attendance, and if so, the amount may be reduced by $600.
  • Capital Purchases – Camera $500. Mr. DeMeno explained this is for the holiday tree lighting pictures with Santa.
  • Fertilizer/Herbicide $20,000. Mr. DeMeno said the $20,000 budgeted for 65 acres of fertilizer/herbicide at the parks may be reduced by $10,000 by cutting out two of the four applications.
  • Playground Maintenance / Sand Box at Bush Park. Mr. DeMeno explained the sandbox and volleyball court need sand added each year, and said this amount also included mulch.


Mrs. Cozza noted the Park and Recreation commission requested a couple of benches to face the sandbox. Mr. Calderaio said there are benches, however they face away from the sandbox. Mr. DeMeno said he could turn some of the benches towards the sandbox or add two more benches near the sandbox, if necessary.


Mrs. Cozza said they would be adding $5,000 for new trees at Bush Park, to replace ones that died from the Ash Bore disease. Mr. Forest said to expect to spend $200-$300 a tree.


Mrs. Cozza said the Park and Recreation Commission had requested a shade over the sandbox; Mr. DeMeno added that poles with canvas would cost approximately $11,000. This was not added to the budget at this time.


Mr. DeMeno said they would be placing recycling bins at the park, as requested by the Park and Recreation Commission.


2018 Capital Improvement Projects


Mr. DeMeno presented the following items:

  • - HVAC replacement for the Buckingham Room would be completed at an estimated cost of $18,000. Mrs. Cozza noted this will replace the original system installed when the building was constructed in 1989.
  • - Police Mens’ & Womens’ Locker Rooms are in the planning process in order to re-use the existing space to best advantage.
  • - A stonemason is looking at the slate in the township entrance area and has budgeted $5,000 to point and seal the existing slate.
  • - Replacing a 1990 bucket truck that has approximately 100,000 miles on it with a new bucket truck budgeted at $120,000 (and expecting to sell the 1990 truck for approximately $15,000).
  • - Public Work’s Director’s truck: if the one in use passes inspection, he will keep it, otherwise $25,000 has been budgeted for a replacement.
  • - Small Dump Truck has been budgeted at $100,000, to replace a 2008 truck, however, it could be pushed to 2019 if needed.


Mr. DeMeno said this will take care of vehicles for the next couple of years.


Mr. Calderaio observed the Health Insurance cost was estimated to increase 9.84 %. Mrs. Pistory said that is an estimate however it never decreases. Mr. Calderaio said with that in mind, let’s budget the Small Dump Truck in 2019.


Mr. DeMeno explained the following items:

  • - $10,000 budgeted to Upgrade Fuel Pumps as needed for compliance purposes.
  • - Pole Building, budgeted for $25,000, to be used for storage by the road department. He said the road crew might pave the floor, and the building will have doors and electricity, but will not be heated.
  • - Safety lighting for Hansell Park budgeted at $15,000 is to add lighting in the parking area. Mr. Calderaio asked that it be on a timer to turn off after the concerts.
  • - Replace pervious Surface at GMB Park budgeted for $40,000. The township did half of the parking two years ago, and this is to complete the other half.
  • - GMB Playground Surface (older children section only). Needs to be replaced due to age (was installed in 2001).
  • - GMB Dugouts $10,000. Four dugouts are proposed at Bush park to be built in the springtime: 2 fields, 2 dugouts each, with poles, metal roofs and open sides.
  • - Police shooting range $2,500. The area has been selected, and the range construction is currently being planned.


Park Fund


Mrs. Cozza discussed the Holicong park expansion project, under item 454 610 General Construction, projecting $364,175 this year, with the remainder of the PH1 bid items plus pavilion in 2019. The Board discussed the intended use of the park, including field types and use.


Budget - Police Department


Chief Gallagher was present to discuss the proposed 2018 police department budget.

Mrs. Pistory noted many of the items are contracted and cannot be adjusted.


Police Supplies:

  • - Chief Gallagher requested one replacement rifle, and after a discussion it was determined two will be budgeted.
  • - Public tour items $800. Chief Gallagher explained they anticipate attending more public events in 2018.
  • - Supervisory Development classes $5,000. Chief Gallagher noted these are necessary for promotion exams.
  • - Network computers $19,800. Mrs. Pistory explained that is for consulting services, not hardware.
  • - Mobile phones and wireless cards $29,400. A discussion took place regarding iphones vs Androids.
  • - Taser program and instructor training. Chief Gallagher explained one officer would attend instructor training, and then train the rest of the department.
  • - Taser 60 program year 1 of 5-year payments $6,130. Chief Gallagher said this includes 21 tasers including the holsters, cartridges and training cartridges. A discussion was held regarding the use of force benefits of adding tasers to the toolbox.
  • - Two patrol cars and associated equipment. Chief Gallagher said one sedan and one utility vehicle may need to be replaced in 2018. Mrs. Cozza noted utility vehicles have come much closer in price to the sedans recently, so the budget proposes the purchase of two utility vehicles, as they are preferred due to their size over the sedans.
  • - Traffic message board $15,500. Chief Gallagher said the boards have many beneficial uses, including calming traffic, community messages such as warning students about drinking and driving, snow storms, etc. He said they can be programmed from a telephone, and are portable.
  • - Display for lobby and officer photos $1,000. Chief Gallagher requested a display for the officer’s photos and names in the lobby of the township for public relations purposes.


Budget - Board of Supervisors


Mrs. Pistory said the budget for the Board of Supervisors remains unchanged.


Budget – Administration Department


  • - Professional Services – Legal $125,000. Mrs. Cozza noted this item is increased annually due to unpredicted smaller projects that require legal services.
  • - Dues/Subscriptions/Members $3,950. Mrs. Cozza said this was correlated with the actual spending.
  • - Items to be included in the Capital Projects Fund. Replace 2012 Server $8000 – Mrs. Cozza said this item must be done in 2018. She also requested to add money for Adobe software for all administration personnel. New Virus Protection $5,400 – Mrs. Pistory explained this is labor intensive as the Malwarebytes must be installed onto each computer, however it is necessary as it identifies any problems.


Budget - Finance Department


Mrs. Pistory said the finance department budget is very similar to 2017, however they are researching platform standing desks, and have specified the replacement of three desktops and monitors at $3,000.



9:50 p.m. The Work Session was adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Supervisors on the 25th day of October, 2017.

                                                                                                          Buckingham Township Board of Supervisors



                                                                                                         Maggie Rash, Chairman



                                                                                                       Paul Calderaio, Vice-Chairman



                                                                                                      Jon Forest, Member





Dana S. Cozza, Secretary


Minutes respectfully submitted by Lori Wicen.



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