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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Who maintains the roads (snow-plowing, pot-hole repairs, paving, sign placement, etc)?

Within Buckingham Township there are five possible "caretakers":

  1. Roads maintained by the State (PennDOT),
  2. Roads maintained by Buckingham Township,
  3. Roads maintained by the Developer (if the development has not been dedicated to the Township,
  4. Roads privately maintained by the residents,
  5. Bordering Roads maintained by neighboring Townships.

Following is a list of the roads maintained by PennDOT:

  • Route 202 (York Road)
  • Route 263 (Old York Road)
  • Route 313 (Swamp Road)
  • Route 413 (Durham Road)
  • Burnt House Hill Road (between Route 202 and Cold Spring Creamery Road)
  • Carversville Road
  • Cold Spring Creamery Road
  • Dark Hollow Road (between Swamp Road and Neshaminy Creek)
  • Edison Furlong Road
  • Forest Grove Road
  • Furlong Road
  • Mechanicsville Road
  • New Hope Road (between Route 413 and Forest Grove Road)
  • North Easton Road
  • Pineville Road (between the Village of Pineville and Stony Hill Road)
  • Ridge Road
  • Stony Hill Road
  • Swamp Road (from Route 202/York Road to Wrightstown Township border)
  • Township Line Road
  • Sugar Bottom Road (between Rt 263 & Pebble Hill Road)
  • Pebble Hill Road (between Edison Furlong Road & Sugar Bottom Road)

If you have a request pertaining to a road other than those listed above, and the Township maintains the road or you are unsure who maintains the road, feel free to contact the Township Office at 215-794-8834 or e-mail us through Comments /Inquiries.

What is a "Dedicated" Development or Road?

When a development has been completed, the developer requests "dedication" of the development. At that time, the Township Engineer inspects the development for a variety of items which must be completed. If these items have all been successfully completed and the necessary legalities have been executed, the Township is then responsible for all maintenance to those roads within the development.

Does the Township spray insecticides to reduce mosquitoes?

Not at this time. If you have concerns regarding the West Nile Virus please visit the PA Department of Health's website


Where are the Township Administrative Office & Police Department located?

Go to our Contact & Directory page for detailed information.

Where are the Township's Public Works Maintenance Building located?

Go to our Contact & Directory page for detailed information.

Does the Township have a meeting room which may be reserved?

The Township building has a meeting room which may be rented by non-profit organizations. This room may be reserved by obtaining an application from the Township Office or at Reserve a Park / Meeting Room. There is a $20 per use fee and $50 escrow deposit charged upon application.

May I reserve use of a park?

The Holicong Park pavilion, Holicong Park playing fields and Hansell Park playing fields may be reserved by obtaining an application from the Township Office or at Reserve a Park / Meeting Room. There is a $100 escrow fee which may be returned after inspection of the premises following the event.

Does Buckingham Township offer sports or summer programs?

The Township does not have a formal sports program. There are several area organizations who offer sports for young and old - refer to our New Resident page for more information on these groups (note: these are only the groups we are aware of).

The Township does offer a summer children's program and a summer concerts program which are both organized by our Park and Recreation Commission. Refer to our Parks & Recreation and/or Calendar page for dates and follow the calendar links for more information.